Paths Crossing

A card game made for travellers by travellers

#PathsCrossing is a party game for those who share a love of travel. Whether you’re staying with friends or snoozing next to strangers, this game connects you with your fellow wanderers, letting you exchange travel tales, discover new cultures, and start new friendships with laughter. Take it on the train between destinations or pull it out before everyone heads out for the night — however you choose to play, you’ll enjoy your time even more knowing that you’re positively impacting the local communities and environments you’re visiting, while also giving back to the non-profits that this purchase supported.



Small enough to pack in your carry-on


200+ cards packed with fun conversation starters and travel trivia


Great tips on how to make a positive impact while travelling


Make meaningful connections everywhere you go


A portion of the proceeds will go to youth and refugee empowerment


Support fair trade and sustainable printing and packaging



Paths Crossing will make a wonderful gift

for the all of the wanderers in your life!

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Our Philosophy

We as travellers, often more unknowingly than not, have a profound impact on the cultures, economies, animals and environments in the places we visit.

Each year, as increasing numbers of tourists roam the globe, the problem of over-tourism rises along with them.

Yet while we will inevitably leave some kind of impression on the cultures we visit, we can choose to respect and support these communities and minimize the negative environmental effects, by making conscious choices about how we travel.

As a frequent traveller ever concerned with these issues

—and always looking for a fresh card game to while away the downtime—Paths Crossing's creator thought to devise a fun way to spread awareness about sustainable travel, one which would spur us to think more deeply about the myriad human, animal and environmental issues we face as travellers.

After months of hard work, Paths Crossing was born. Now - it is ready to travel with you.


The Nonprofits We Support

Do you know that you'll do so much good, simply by purchasing this card game?

10-20% of our proceeds will be donated to non-profits that empower (1) refugees forced to travel hundreds of miles to seek asylum, and (2) underprivileged young people who lack the means to travel. A portion of the profits will also benefit efforts to promote sustainable travel practices through education.



Love Without Border for Refugees in Need

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Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education

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Mini Acts for the Greater Good

We're not just a party game.

We're also a proud social good business.

Hear what travel professionals, educators, and avid travellers have to say about the game!
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"Paths Crossing is a fun, engaging and fresh way to learn more about friends both old and new, as well as challenge stereotypes and norms within the [travel] industry – paving the way for an inclusive and open dialogue among travelers."

Kelley Louise
Founder & Executive Director, Impact Travel Alliance

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