Do not travel now

so you can travel later.

2020 has been a difficult year for many. Planes are grounded. Borders are closed. Hospitals are overwhelmed. People are isolated in their homes.

Compassion and gratitude are two of our core values at Paths Crossing. During these challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, our team would like to thank all those who work around the clock on the front line, risking their health to keep us safe. If you or any of your immediate family members work as a healthcare professional in the US, we'd be happy to offer you one free set of our travel game as a gesture of solidarity. You'll just need to cover the shipping cost. Please email us at for more information.

Our thoughts also go to the community of sustainable travellers.

In partnership with Impact Travel Alliance, we'll be hosting a free digital meet-up on Icebreaker, an online event hosting platform, where we can play our game together in the style of speed-dating, connect with one other from our respective homes, and talk about all things travel.

Details of the event will be announced in due course. Stay safe, everyone!

In solidarity,


Owner, Paths Crossing