Do you love travelling and meeting new people?

Then you’ll love Paths Crossing, a card game made for travellers, by travellers, who know that connecting with strangers is one of the greatest thrills of the journey – strangers with unfamiliar and enlightening points of view; strangers who could become your next travel companion after a single night of conversation, and in some special cases, friends for life.


Paths Crossing is a party game, perfect for impromptu groups of travellers, packed with conversation starters, trivia, and questions that will get you thinking more deeply about how we impact the places we visit.



    • Game Deck: 220 game cards; 13 instruction cards and brand cards
    • Four Categories: (1) Countries and Cultures; (2) Travel Habits and Preferences; (3) Experiences and Encounters; (4) Sustainability and Travel Ethics
    • Paths Crossing will…

      • Test your knowledge of trivia. “What’s the most linguistically diverse country in the world?”
      • Make you laugh. “What is your worst ever bathroom experience?”
      • Provide life advice. “How do you go on a trip with friends and still be friends with them by the end of the trip?”
      • Make you think. “What do you think about post-natural disaster tourism?”
      • And break the ice better than most cocktails “What is the most intense culture shock you have ever experienced?”



    • Box size: Length: 103 mm/4.1" x Width: 78 mm/3.1" x Height: 81 mm/3.2"
    • Card size: 63.5mm/2.5" x 63.5mm/2.5"
    • Weight:
    • Cards printed on recycled paper and packaging made from 100% recycled materials


    10% of our proceeds will go to support youth and refugee empowerment.

    Paths Crossing Main Deck